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Arwin Baauw.

Arwin Baauw –  is passionate about creating possibilities with others.

Arwin BaauwSince 2002 he has been involved with transformational training and coaching, both in the business and the non-profit environment. In 2003 he founded a Dutch charity organization, offering experiential transformational trainings and seminars to the general public. In 2005 he joined Culture ROI in California as a consultant and trainer, and set up his own business in Holland.

Over the years he became an international expert on leadership and how to build success through ‘fulfilling relationships’, both in business and in the personal realm. Besides his work as international trainer and speaker, Arwin teaches leadership at the University of Twente. His work experience varies from corporate America and Europe to training entrepreneurs in North Africa. Also the Royal Dutch Army hired him on several occasions to prepare their teams leaving for high-risk missions in Afghanistan.

Acknowledging the limitations of transformational training and NLP techniques, Arwin is always looking for new ways to improve his services (and his own life!). He added Neuro-Physiological methods (certified in 2012) and Quantum Science (certified in 2014) to his toolbox. These unique 21st-century approaches to human behavior – focusing on the sub-conscious part of health and behavior – open up a whole new world of possibilities to make a difference with his clients.

Arwin (1967) was born and raised in Holland. Before switching to personal development, he had over 15 years of experience in general management and international business in the corporate context. His academic background consists of a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters (MBA) in European Management at Sheffield University (UK). Over the years he has trained thousands of individuals and worked with dozens of organizations around the globe.

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